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Music / iTunes / Spotify / Deezer : “Won’t Forget You is a song about friendship and love. The connections that last forever. We have all endured a period of disconnection, but we will never forget those people that are so important to us. This song is for your best friends, for family living far away, for that new friend on the dance floor. It’s the song that reminds us of those we love. It’s a song to sing together.“ Once again only possible because of all of these legends: ** Verses ** Oscar Slorach-Thorne, Kristina Miltiadou, Jace Excell, Harmony Byrne, Angel, Tony Barnao, Mohini ** Sax ** Tony Barnao ** Choir ** Christobel Elliot, Hayley May Bracken, Will Hannagan, Sarah Seymour, Eleanor Vallier, Indra Haas, Tristan Ceccato, Rachel May Raggatt, Naomi Service, Lucy Roberts, Elsie Rigby, Jason Blynn, Jude, Henry & Jack Madin, Annie Ryan, Martin King, Genevieve Kulesza, Angel, Murray Barker, Whitney Uwandu, Rosemary Cramp, Elspeth Scrine, Gregory Humble, Julian Rawendra, Jocelyn Richardson, Philippa Dalach, Tony Barnao, Finn George Rudd Douglas, Charlie Saint-Alan, Harmony Byrne, Mohini, Dominik, Mashek, Deeana Predic, Grace Allan, Aria Rattan, Lily King, Barna Nemeth, Bella Quilan, Aaron Carter, Lauren Tarver, Iona Julian Waters, Sue Tyrie, Luca Marinucci, Margot Dobson, Abby Sultan, Edward Service, Stefanie Watson **Credits ** Written by Jack Madin & Edward Service Produced by SHOUSE & Sean Kenihan Mixed by Malcolm Besley & Chris Allen Mastered by Cassian Irvine at Wired London ** Visualizer ** Director & Editor - James J Robinson Assistant Camera - Samantha Mallari Shouse on the web - Follow - Music/Merch/Socials - Contact - [email protected] Bookings USA - [email protected] Bookings ROW - [email protected] #SHOUSE #WontForgetYou