blink-182 - EDGING (Official Video)

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  • Upload Date: 2022-10-14
Official Video for “EDGING” by blink-182   Listen & Download “EDGING" out now:   Tour Tickets on sale now:   Pre-Order The Upcoming Album on Vinyl:   Amazon Music: Apple Music: iTunes: Pandora: Soundcloud: Spotify: YouTube Music: YouTube:   Follow blink-182:   Director: Cole Bennett Executive Producer: Jake Millan Producer: Krista Worby Producer/Label Commissioner: Saul Levitz Director of Photography: Franklin Ricart Production Designer: Cody Fusina 1st Assistant Director: Kelo Choreographer: Nadine Olmo SteadiCam Operator: Renard Cheren VFX: Scissor Films 3D animation: Reduciano Color Grade: Josh Bohoskey/ Visual Creatures     Production Manager: Kateland Cornine Production Coordinator: Megan Short 2nd Assistant Director: Khyber Law 1st Assistant Camera: Quinton Rodriguez 2nd Assistant Camera: Jonathan Cypress Digital Imaging Technician: Emilio Pousa Rojas JIB Operator: Babak Mansouri  Chief Lighting Technician: Dimitri Christoforidis Lighting Console Programmer: Christopher Van Lieshout Assistant Chief Lighting Technician: Michael Roseman Set Lighting Technician: Nick Weir Set Lighting Technician:Johnathan Le Set Lighting Technician: Mikey Proa Key Grip: Brendan Riel Best Boy Grip: Matthew Seest Grip: Cale Nichols Grip: Jordan Hodges Grip: Kevin Ramirez Grip: Alex laudeman   Art Director: Mitchell Dillon Art Coordinator: Sydney Seligman Set Decorator: Emmett Tekstra Set Dresser: Joshua Eisenburg Set Dresser: Lauren Boucher Set Dresser: Samuel Adgate Set Dresser: Noah Vasquez Set Dresser: Gabriel Susinski Set Dresser: Jarron “Flyman” Flynn   Sound: Ramon Cortes Talent Wardrobe: Rasheeda Ameera Key Production Assistant: Robert Blair II Production Assistant: Mohammad "Rocky" AlMoslim Production Assistant: Jaron Flynn Production Assistant: Charles Roberts Production Assistant/Playback: Mahkai "Kai" Parker Production Assistant: Ryan Davis Truck Production Assistant: Miguel Jaramillo Catering: Humberto RAmírez Crafty: Sabino Salas Medic: Jeremy Winters  Stunt Consultant: Josh Tessier Stunt Coordinator: Chris Troy Stunt Performer: Ilyana Eberhardt Stunt Performer: Alan Silva Dancer: Jordan Harris Dancer: Jordan Johnson Dancer: Justin Conte Dancer: Gabe Flowers Dancer: Adrian Hoffman Dancer: Ryan Spencer Dancer: Owen Scarlett Dancer: CJ Erasme Dancer: Nico Lonetree Dancer: Robert Blue Blanton Dancer: Danny Axley Dancer: Lukas van der Fecht Dancer: Seth Kai Dancer: Raymond Ejiofor   Location: Wini McKay 3 Special thanks to Mayor Chris Barajas and Dan “The Permit Man” Taylor Lyrics: I ain’t that coolA little fucked in the head They’ll be hanging me quick When I’m back from the dead Get the rope   I’m a punk rock kidI came from hell with a curse She tried to pray it awaySo I fucked her in church Don’t you know   They say you’re not safe here if I stay With a knife that sharp no way   No I leave them broken heartedOh no look at the mess we startedOh no I leave the broken hearts this way What you sayYou want to play   Yeah don’t be fooledI’m only letting you down They pursued me on foot But I hid in the crowd Like a ghost   The seats of my carAre filled with cigarette burns I got a fire in my eyeA little blood on my shirt Let’s hit the road   I know there’s a special place in hell That my friends and I know well There’s a perfect place to goWhen it’s time to lose control   Nightmare daydream You can’t save me   #blink182 #EDGING